Riversyde Cattery          Maine Coons & Bengals  

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Available Bengals Below

Pet Pricing:

I breed for my own showing/ breeding program and the ones that I don't have room for, or aren't the colors/markings I am looking for will be placed in pet homes, not for breeding.  I will sometimes place kittens with other established and reputable breeders. 


All Marbles= $1200

All Brown Rosetted= $1600

All Snow Rosetted= $1800

Starting in 2020, most, if not all, kittens will be spayed/neutered before leaving. The cost of that is included in the cost of the kitten



Jade & Cedar's litter will be ready early

Male #1 

Brown Marble 



Life of a RiverSyde kitten

     Kittens are born in a private queening pen. I check on my queens when they are in labor, but I try to give as much privacy as I can. For the first week or so, the kittens are handled once a day just to check on them. As time goes by and they get little more mobile, they are handled more, but they remain in the queening pen with only their mother.    

     Around 4-5 weeks, they begin litter training and eating soft food, slowly graduating to hard kitten food. They continue to nurse on their mother until they are re-homed, but require much less milk. 

    At 6 weeks, when they are accustomed to eating and using the litter box, they are allowed out into the whole nursery which is full of stuff to climb and play with! They are wormed at this time too using Vibactra Plus, an all natural wormer and immune system booster.

     At 8 weeks they are given their first set of immunizations and they have a full veterinary exam. At this time we allow visitors to come see the kittens.

     Around 10 weeks, they undergo another 10 day course of Vibactra Plus.

     At 12 weeks , kittens get their final set of vaccinations! They will be ready to get spayed and neutered around week 11 or 12 also! Once they are healed up, they will be ready for their new homes. 




What to expect for your experience


Once a deposit has been placed on a certain kitten, that kitten is no longer shown to or handled by anyone else besides me and my family. At 8 weeks you can come visit the kittens to either see yours if you have already reserved one, or to pick one out.

     I like to maintain an open line of communication for my buyers. You will always be able to call, text, or email me with any questions or concerns.

     I recommend Life's Abundance wet and dry cat & kitten food. I have tried nearly every other food out there and nothing comes close to L.A.If for some reason you do choose to forfeit your health guarantee and go with another food, you must do so very slowly o as not to cause intestinal upset/diarrhea. Bengals have very sensitive tummies so I do not recommend changing their food at all. 

     After the kittens have received their final shots at 12 weeks, they are all yours! I will include a baggie of food (if needed). You will also get their shot record.