Riversyde Cattery          Maine Coons & Bengals  

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Upcoming Planned & Expected litters

Maine Coons 2018

Dahlia & Tiny - Spring 2019

Males: Silver Tabby, Brown Tabby ( Solid Colors TBD)

Females: Silver Tabby, Brown Tabby

Nova & Pierce - Spring 2019

Males: Black, Black Smoke, Red, Red Smoke. Any color could have white feet

Females: Black, Black Smoke, Tortie, Smoke Tortie. Any color could have white feet

Ivy & Aspen- Babies born- Photos posted soon

Males: Brown Tabby, Silver Tabby, Blue Tabby, Blue Silver Tabby, Red Tabby, Red Silver Tabby, Cream Tabby, Cream Silver Tabby (Solid Colors TBD)

Female: Brown Tabby, Silver Tabby, Blue Tabby, Blue Silver Tabby, Brown Patched Tabby, Silver Patched Tabby, Blue Patched Tabby, Blue Silver Patched Tabby (Solid Colors TBD)

Phoebe & BB- Babies Born 5/25/19 Silvers, Black Smokes and Solid Black

Bengals 2018 

Storm & Cosmo Early 2019 

Brown, Snow Lynx, Snow Mink

Orchid & Leo- 2019 


Fern & Cosmo- Early 2019 (Litter Born 2/13 and posted


Sophie & Oakley- Early 2019(Babies born)


Jade & Cedar- Early 2019


Lark & Cosmo- Early 2019




Here at RiverSyde I want to guide my cats to produce the highest quality kittens possible. Parents are always in top health before a breeding. I do not allow my females to breed if they are underwight or otherwise unhealthy in any way. They will not be bred more than twice a year. I have signed the TICA Code Of Ethics.

     If you would like to make a prepayment to hold a kitten, please contact me.