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All heart, hip and genetic testing is normal unless otherwise noted.

Akella Leader Archie AKA Caspian

Caspian is such a sweet boy. He is very calm and gentle in nature. He loves to be held like a baby. He also appears to be homozygous for silver. The gene for silver and smoke is called the inhibitor gene. It is a dominant gene. When a cat is homozygous for a dominant gene, they can only produce that specific effect no matter the genetic results of the cat they are paired with. Since he is also homozygous for the agouti gene (A/A tabby banding gene), all his offspring will always be silver tabby, normal silver (black silver) or even red silver depending on the female. Silver Mackerel Tabby

Coat Color Analysis:

A/A: Doesn't carry for solid

D/D: Doesn't carry dilute 

Weiss Wolf Tassel Magic

He comes to us all the way from Russia. He has amazing structure and features. He is solid white with blue eyes so he can produce both blue eyed and odd-eyed white kittens. He has full hearing. He is also polydactyl, but the form called by some patty paw or snowshoe. All toes are lined up rather than having separate thumbs. White is a masking gene so Wolf is technically a red with white cat under the white. This was determined by genetic testing and also by breeding. There is not a test for the O gene for red but it is a sex linked gene. When bred to a female with this gene, it is possible to produce red females.

Coat Color Analysis:

a/a: Is solid

D/d: Carries dilute 

Hissy Fit Coons Moses of Riversyde

Moses is a wonderful boy. He is very easy going and a sweet boy. He has produced some stunning litters over the past couple years. He is mitten paw poly. 7/6/5/5 Black Smoke

Coat Color Analysis:

a/a: Is solid

D/d: Carries dilute 

Hissy Fit Coons Aspen of Riversyde
French/German/Russian Bloodlines

We are so excited to have this beautiful mackerel cream boy as part of our family! He comes from all imported lines. He has amazing structure and size to his body. He is somewhat vocal and has a very good personality. He is social and friendly. Cream Mackerel Tabby

Coat Color Analysis:

A/A: Doesn't carry for solid

d/d: Is dilute 

Anzbor*RU Once in a Blue Coon "BB"
Russian Import

BB is a real lap cat. He can't get enough attention. Big beautiful Blue Classic Tabby!

Coat Color Analysis:

A/a:  Carries solid

d/d: Dilute 

GypzyPawz Obsidian
Sire: Pitaracoon Sir Bizzo Binx
Dam: Riversyde Polly Pepper

Obsidian is a gorgeous boy that came to me from Gypzy Pawz in Washington. His mom is a Riversyde Girl. He is very easy going and playful. Black Smoke Polydactyl

Coat Color Analysis:

a/a:  Is solid

D/d: Carried dilute 

Bekkr Amee Apollo




Genetic Profile: 

Coat Color Analysis:

Pirs Milacoon of Riversyde AKA Pierce
Imported from Belarus
Dad is from Ukraine
Mom is from Russia

PK-Def:N/K (carrier, not affected)

Coat Color Analysis:

a/a:  solid

D/d: Carries dilute 

Congocoons Sequoia of Riversyde

Sequoia was my foundation stud. He is now retired. I have been able to incorporate his good qualities into my breeding program while breeding out the undesirable qualities. Sequoia has a very fun and playful personality. He is a big goofball that loves his humans. Deals well with small children carrying him around. He enjoys when I let him out in his outdoor enclosure to watch the critters go by

Coat Color Analysis:

A/a: Carries for solid

D/D: Does not carry dilute