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Health & Nutrition

Here at RiverSyde health of my kittens is very important, not just while they are here. I care deeply that they continue to receive the best of care. Finding a veterinarian that is well suited to your needs is big. I myself am a question asker so I need a vet that is willing to spend the time to answer all my questions to my satisfaction. I don't want to feel rushed or that they don't have enough time for me. This is important for you too. It is also important that your vet is up to date with current information. Your vet may have 35 years of experience, but are they continuing their education so they know current facts? One example is FIP. It was once thought that it was contagious, many years ago. This disease in fact is caused by the mutation of the corona virus. Still to this day, some vets will test for corona and if it is positive, they will say the cat will probably go on to develop FIP. The facts are that most cats (90%+) have corona virus. Only a tiny percent of those cats will go on to mutate to FIP. There is also a genetic predisposition in some cases, not all, that can cause this dreadful disease. What does your vet say about FIP? Please visit www.sockfip.org for more info.

Another area is vaccination. After the core vaccinations are given, yearly FVRCP are not necessary. Those antibodies often remain for years providing years of protection for your cat. One way to know if your cat is still protected before boosting their vaccinations is by having your vet do a blood titer. 

There are many areas of health and wellness for cats that are misunderstood or recirculating rumors. One of the biggest things you can do to provide your cat with health is their food. Veterinarians often recommend Science Diet and Royal Canin. While certain cats may require a prescription diet, most do not. Prescription diets often also are not supposed to be fed for more than 5 month. In general, Science Diet and Royal Canin are very low quality foods. 

I am often asked: Why LIfe's Abundance?

Well it all began years ago when I had been trying several of the "high end" foods such as Blue Buffalo, Wellness and so on. I wasn't satisfied with the results. My cats just didn't look as healthy as I would like. Their coats weren't very shiny, they were shedding a lot and they smelled bad! Some family members bought a dog that came with a 10 year guarantee if they fed this certain food, Life's Abundance. I laughed and thought it was crazy. They don't sell it in stores... they only sell through distributors...  Meanwhile my search for quality food continued. They raved about the food and how happy their dogs were on it. I kind of wanted to prove it wasn't all it was cracked up to be. I did some research and I liked what I saw. At the time I was still breeding English Mastiffs and LA's mineral ratios actually met what I wanted for my giant breed pups! I gave it a try and they did loved it and did really well! They ate less and made less of a mess behind. So I decided to switch my cats over. The transition went really smooth and after a few months they greatly improved. Their coats were glossy and they didn't really need combed at all. I was sold! Several of my families that have adopted a RiverSyde kitten and transitioned their other cats have raved about the changes in their other cats. They had more energy and beautiful coats! Even if I wasn't a distributor and part of the breeding program I would still feed and recommend this food. It fully exceeded all my expectations. 

Some of the biggest perks of Life's Abundance:

  • They only use human food grade meat that is inspected upon arrival and turned away if it isn't up to par. Here is an article that shows what the FDA allows in pet food. You wont find this in LA, but you will in a good majority of the available commercial foods. WARNING: Not for the Squeamish..  HERE
  • It is formulated by Dr. Jane Bicks. Dr Bicks is a highly respected and nationally recognized holistic veterinarian. She is the author of three national books on pet care and nutrition and has served on professional boards including the Cornell Feline Health Center.
  • It has NEVER been recalled
  • It has live pre and probiotics
  • It has good protein levels and source. Don't be misled by the hype of ultra high protein foods. Cats can only process so much protein, the rest they pass in their urine. This is actually added, unnecessary stress on the kidneys.
  • They have wonderful customer service and a satisfaction guarantee. 
  •  It is made is small batches with a “fast-cook” process at low temperatures to help preserve the nutritional value of each and every wholesome ingredient also allowing it to stay fresh longer. 
  • They deliver it right to you. You can set it to auto ship and adjust it as often as you desire. 
  • Contains NO by-products, NO corn or corn gluten, NO wheat or wheat gluten, NO dairy, NO artificial colors, flavors or preservatives.

I am very passionate about the care of my animals and I am confident that I am feeding them quality food. If you have any questions about getting your pets started on Life's Abundance or becoming a distributor yourself, please feel free to reach out to me!

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