Riversyde Cattery          Maine Coons & Bengals  

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Get to Know Who We Are At RiverSyde Cattery

My husband Kevin and I, Brandy, are the faces behind Riversyde Farms as we call our home. We have worked very hard to have a good name and high standards for ourselves. In doing so, we pride ourselves in honest business. We strive to provide the healthiest, highest quality kittens we can.


When looking for kittens, i found a local breeder that had a nice website and seemed to take very good care of their cats. I set up an appointment to look at one i was interested in and upon arrival I was appalled. The house was filthy, the cats were worse. The kitten she tried to sell me was malnourished and had fleas on it. There were other cats there that were emaciated and pregnant. Tragic scene. I almost bought the kitten just to save it. They ended up closing down but have since been reopened under a new name. So BEWARE. Do your research. Please.


In the meantime while you are searching for your perfect kitten, feel free to ask questions. I will do my best to answer any questions you may have.